Championship bases

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  • Competition Rules:

    1. Participation requirements. The championship is open to participants who meet the following requirements:
    - We understand as a professional any person who teach classes of any style of dance, is presented at conferences/congresses or events as an artist, both as a soloist or as a group. We understand as Amateur any person who does not teach classes of any style of dance, that does not appear in Congresses or events as an artist, both as a soloist and as a group. - Participants must be 16 years or older at the time of registration.
    - Underage participants must present the enrollment form signed by them and their parents or legal guardians, authorizing their participation at night time, if necessary.
    - The registrations will be made by mixed couples (man-woman).
    - Both professional and amateur dancers can participate.

  • 2. Registration.
    - To register for the championship, it is essential to present the registration form duly completed, along with proof of payment of the registration fee:
    - The application for registration will be available on the Facebook page created specifically for The International Salsa Dancers’ Championship.
    -To participate, professional competitors must pay the amount of 100 Euros per Couple / Registration until May 31, and 150 € from June 1, Amateur competitors must pay the amount of € 75 until May 31 and 100 € as of June 1. Payment will be made by any of the ways specified in the registration form.
    - Participants should also send a sample video, approximately 1hour and 30 minutes.
    - The documentation for the registration will be sent by e-mail at ( or by mail to Magic Dance Academy, Paseo de la Pechina 67 B, 46018 Valencia, Spain.
    - The registration date will end on July 31, 2018.

    3. Development of the contest.
    - All salsa styles are allowed (Puerto Rico, New York, Colombia, Casino and Los Angeles).
    - Participants will not know the music they will play until the moment of their performance in the championship.
    - Therefore, participants will not present their own choreographies previously prepared, but will perform an artistic improvisation on the music chosen by the Organization.
    - In the execution, the following shall be excluded:
    - Acrobatics.
    - The lifting figures (lifts or aerials).
    - The turns in grand plié in parallel of the woman and the figures of fall (in the ground).
    - Spins that exceed two counts of eight.
    - Choreographed free passes in front of the public or the Jury. We remember that we will not value the choreographies tested but the ability of artistic improvisation and adaptation to music.
    - The costumes will be your choice.

    4. Jury and valuation criteria.
    The Jury will be composed of salsa personalities, professional dancers and dance teachers. The Organization reserves the right to modify the members of the Jury.
    - In accordance with what is stated in point 3, the Jury will take into account the following criteria, valuing them as follows:
    - Expressiveness and ability to convey feelings. (20/100 points)
    - The cadence and flavor in the interpretation. (20/100 points)
    - The Respect of the musical time. (15/100 points)
    - The ability to interpret music. (15/100 points)
    - The co-penetration and coordination of the couple. (15/100 points)
    - Elegance and style in the interpretation. (10/100 points)
    - The aesthetics and suitability of the wardrobe. (5/100 points)
    The decision of the Jury will be final. However, participants who so wish may request the Organization to view the Jury Minutes after the competition. In addition, a meeting will be held for possible clarification following the issuance of the verdicts.

    5. Awards.
    - First prize: ONE THOUSAND EUROS (1000,00 €).
    - Second prize: FIVE HUNDRED EUROS (500,00 €).
    - Third prize: TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY EUROS (250,00 €).

  • Premio Especial: PREMIO AFRO LATIN - Prticipación en el Congreso de Slovenia con todos los gastos pagados.

  • 5B. Awards.

    6. Communication with participants.
    The dates and times of the competition will be announced well in advance through the Facebook page created specifically for The International Salsa Dancers’ Championship, advertising brochures, and information boards at Magic Dance Academy, Paseo de la Pechina 67 B, 46018 Valencia.
    Participating couples must attend the competition at the place, date and time indicated, and their absence or delay will be grounds for disqualification. They will not be able to leave the installations in which the championship is realized until the end of the event.

    7. Modifications and exceptions.
    The Organization reserves the right to issue supplementary rules and authorize exceptions whenever it deems appropriate for the correct development of the event. Likewise, the organizing committee reserves the right to modify or adjust the schedules that, in any case, will be announced with the relevant advance.
    The Organization reserves the right to suspend or postpone the championship, for reasons other than major forces. In this case, the registration fee will be refunded.

    8. Penalties and exclusions.
    The participation in the present championship implies the acceptance of the rules as well as the compliance with the decisions taken by the Jury or the Organization. Failure to comply with the rules may imply the penalty or disqualification of the championship, following the criteria of the Jury or the Organization. The Organization reserves the right to penalize or exclude from the competition those couples who do not comply with the established rules.


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